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Ideally, my work speaks to my experience and skill set. This page was constructed to help you better understand the person behind the resume.

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Meg Maran

Personality & Interests

I am an adventurous and confident person with a sharp sense of humor, a generous heart and a north moral compass. I’ve been called fearless and unflappable. Outside of professional situations, I don’t take myself too seriously and can be quite goofy if it means seizing the day or making someone smile.

Creativity sustains me and spills over into most aspects of my life, personal as well as professional. A devout DIY-er (do-it-yourself-er), I am not afraid and truly enjoy taking on tasks that come my way, whether I have the slightest initial idea how to accomplish them or not. With positivity and determination to, not only solve the problem, but hatch the best solution, I jump right in. I find it supremely rewarding to tackle and defeat such projects and, therefore, have personally accomplished things I never expected to such as: building a fence around my backyard, developing a successful ecommerce store, managing home renovations not only for myself but others, publishing an e-book, and becoming a skilled cake-pop-maker!


Lafayette born and raised in New Orleans, LA, I appreciate and implore southern hospitality and have no qualms/even identify with the phrase “Crazy Cajun." I accredit my background to being a well-rounded individual who can slip into a ball gown to mingle at a gala or rev up a 4-wheeler for a nature exploration. A strong work ethic was instilled in me at an early age. My parents encouraged me to participate in volunteer positions where they could be found, and at 14 years old, I became part of the workforce in my first job after my Dad lobbied for and obtained a work permit for me. This decision sprung from my parents’ desire for me to learn and live the values of working hard and being grateful for your bounties.



"You need Meg in your life! She is so flippin' talented and brings my vision to life 10X better than I could have ever imagined it. I am so much less stressed knowing if I have an idea, Meg's got my back and will help me build a brand that truly makes me proud. Thank you Meg!!"

Sales Coach


"I've worked with Meg for a few years and she's a Swiss Army Knife that can handle anything thrown at her. Not only can she create great products/services, but her ability to figure things out and fill in gaps is a great asset."

VP, Think Multifamily


CEO, DMI Holdings


"Meg provides high-quality service, great graphics, and creativity and very responsive. Super fast turnaround time. I would recommend her to anyone wanting that personal attention most business owners need."

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