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Take a look at some of the digital tools and programs I use every day.



Since 2018, I have been using the CRM, ActiveCampaign, to organize, engage, and automate leads for clients. Through the CRM, I build automated email campaigns, nurture sequences, and prospecting processes making sales teams more efficient.

Wondershare | Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an advanced video editor that empowers you to edit video and audio on Windows and Mac. I've used Filmora for a decade now and have been enlisted to train and mentor aspiring video editors.

Meta Suite

Through Meta Suite, I publish and manage social media ads, forms, and leads. Utilizing this program to the fullest, I have allocated modest and large budgets, and always so my clients get the most bang for their buck.  


An expert Canva Premium user, I resort to this program for daily use. As Canva has evolved from a designer supporting application to  encompassing nearly all you need to produce motion and still graphics, I have evolved with it. People seek me out for my Canva templates.

ChatGPT | AI

We're just scratching the surface when it comes to artificial intelligence in the mainstream. ChatGPT, an open AI, stunned the public when they launched their free application which produces content from a single instructional prompt and the click of mouse. While, unique content creation is still very much in demand from my clientele, I have made myself extremely familiar with programs like ChatGPT, in order to increase efficiency and broaden my ideas.


When I heard there was a competitive lead service which professionals were looking towards to find legitimate customers, I jumped at the opportunity to learn this tool inside and out. Geared more towards business-to-business searches than business to consumer, I spent over a year becoming the "Miyagi" of Zoominfo and all of its capabilities.


Kajabi for creators is a platform that boasts the best hosting for digital courses. While Kajabi's website builder is more on the basic side, clients LOVE that I have fully adapted to it and found exciting work-arounds for creating and displaying dynamic content just like they envisioned.


"It's not possible," is a phrase I don't allow in my vocabulary.

Facebook Ads

For as long as social media has allowed sponsored content, I've been leveraging paid ads to help clients get their name and message to their target audience. 


WordPress has staked its claim in the digtal world when it comes to hosting and building websites. Many marketing beginners fear it. But, with over 15 years building, customizing, upgrading, and evolving businesses through WordPress, you can trust in my knowledge of WordPress's strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, integrations, and security.

Of course there's more... Let's chat about it!

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