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How to Develop a Dynamic Hook for an Advertising Campaign

I recently collaborated with a start-up on their marketing for a new app launch when, in a Slack thread, I sent a simple message that had quite an impact. 

"Corney still sells."

I said this in response to some product and content mock-ups that had been unveiled to the team. Now, due to a NDA, I cannot reveal the company or concept I was working with, so let's just say the industry was landscaping and their sales strategy was B2B. When I said, "Corney still sells," I got a few LOLs and perplexed-face emojis, but after further explanation, my feed was dinging with thumbs ups and clapping hands. "Don't be afraid to use bold, even "hokey" phrases like, "MOW over or PLOW through the competition," I said. I didn't think I was providing revolutionary advice. Turns out, I was.

Even if marketing is not your forte, you probably understand the importance of crisp, catchy headlines and content. An eye-catching one-liner makes the difference between whether your audience stays for more, or scrolls on. But, I find business owners tend to overthink simple things, and they therefore overlook great ideas. Naturally, any entrepreneur wants to portray their product or service in the absolute best light. There's a process for doing so. You have to first get people's attention before you bombard them with features and benefits.

So, part of my job includes reigning in my clients when they stray away from greatness.

Authenticity in advertising is a core value of mine. While I believe consumers have refined their eye for propaganda, "corney" is not synonymous with inauthentic. When Milk boasted, "Does a body good," and Bounty boldly proclaimed, "The quicker picker-upper," we didn't feel bamboozled.

So, the next time you're spitballing components for an ad campaign, start simple, and consider the headlines YOU remember. Of course, a well-devised advertisement is only one facet of a dynamic marketing strategy. A reputable creative and digital marketing specialist can help you create an integrated, comprehensive plan which converts.

Contact Meg Maran to discuss your marketing goals and needs. 

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