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ChatGPT: How to Make AI-Generated Content More Personal and Relatable

When ChatGPT was first brought to my attention in early 2023, I would have classified my level of intrigue as “indifferent.” As a Digital Marketer, content creation has always been a major aspect of my job, one that I take pride in. You’re only as good as the message you’re marketing. Consumers are smarter these days and more apt to recognize disingenuous advertisements. Therefore, I’ve built a reputation in digital marketing for delivering results through personalized and authentic messaging. So, I allowed skepticism to lead upon learning artificial intelligence had been refined and made readily available to the public. How is a robot going to make an emotional connection in order to engage humans? Having done the leg work, I believe I can now offer a valid opinion, and even some valuable advice when it comes to AI, and in particular, creating content with ChatGPT.

I've entered countless descriptive prompts into ChatGPT over the last year and the results bring me to one overall conclusion:

Content contrived by robots must be integrated with human emotion.

While AI can produce accurate and informative text, it often lacks the personal touch or warmth, that engages readers on a deeper level. For the time being, I personally rely on ChatGPT mostly to expedite brainstorming and develop outlines. But, when I do pull an abundance of verbiage for my projects from ChatGPT, I aggressively revise the product.

Here are some effective strategies to edit AI-generated content to make it sound more personal and relatable.

1. Understand the Purpose and Audience

Before editing, clearly define the purpose of the content and understand the target audience. This will help you tailor the tone and style to better suit the readers. For instance, a blog post for a personal development website will require a different approach than a technical manual.

2. Add Personal Anecdotes and Examples

AI-generated content often lacks personal stories or examples that can make the text more engaging. Incorporate relevant anecdotes or hypothetical scenarios that resonate with the audience. Personal stories help to illustrate points in a relatable way and make the content more memorable.

Original AI Text: Laci Peterson was eight months pregnant when she disappeared.

Edited Text: Imagine being just weeks away from welcoming a new baby into your family, only to have everything turn upside down. Laci Peterson, a vibrant and loving mother-to-be, was eight months pregnant when she tragically disappeared.

3. Use Conversational Language

AI tends to use formal and sometimes stiff language. Replace formal phrases with more conversational ones to create a friendly and approachable tone. This includes using contractions, rhetorical questions, and casual expressions.

Original AI Text: The discovery of the boat was significant because it contradicted Scott's statement.

Edited Text: Finding that boat was a big deal—it completely contradicted what Scott had told everyone.

4. Incorporate Emotions and Opinions

AI-generated content often lacks emotional depth. Adding feelings and opinions can help connect with readers on an emotional level. Express empathy, excitement, concern, or any relevant emotion to make the text more human.

Original AI Text: The case of Laci and Conner Peterson serves as a reminder of the impact of violence.

Edited Text: The heartbreaking case of Laci and Conner Peterson is a stark reminder of how devastating violence can be, leaving families shattered and communities in mourning.

5. Use Personal Pronouns

Using personal pronouns such as “I,” “we,” “you,” and “us” makes the content feel more directed and intimate. It creates a connection between the writer and the reader.

Original AI Text: The article discusses how to make AI-generated content more personal.

Edited Text: In this article, we'll explore how you can make AI-generated content feel more personal and engaging.

6. Add Descriptive Details

AI can be quite factual and straightforward. Adding descriptive details can paint a clearer picture and make the text more vivid and interesting.

Original AI Text: Laci was a kind and loving person.

Edited Text: Laci was the kind of person who always had a warm smile and a kind word for everyone she met, making her absence felt deeply by all who knew her.

7. Edit for Flow and Coherence

Ensure the content flows naturally from one idea to the next. AI can sometimes produce text that feels disjointed. Smooth transitions and logical progression of ideas make the content more readable and enjoyable.

Original AI Text: Scott Peterson bought a boat. He did not tell his wife about it. He stored it in a warehouse.

Edited Text: Scott Peterson secretly bought a boat and, without telling his wife, stored it in a warehouse. This hidden purchase would later become a crucial piece of the puzzle.

8. Use Engaging Headlines and Subheadings

Catchy headlines and subheadings can draw readers in and keep them interested. Ensure these elements are compelling and reflective of a personal touch.

Original AI Text: The Impact of Financial Troubles on Scott Peterson's Actions

Edited Text: How Scott Peterson’s Money Woes May Have Driven Him to Desperation

9. Add Questions to Engage Readers

Incorporate questions to involve readers and make them think. This can create a more interactive and engaging reading experience.

Original AI Text: Financial difficulties might have played a role in Scott's actions.

Edited Text: Could Scott’s dire financial situation have pushed him to make unthinkable choices?

10. Review and Revise

Finally, review and revise the content multiple times. Reading the text out loud can help identify areas that need more personal touch or smoother phrasing. Each revision should bring the content closer to sounding like it was written by a person, not a machine.

By applying these strategies, you can transform AI-generated content into engaging, relatable, and personal pieces that resonate with your audience. Remember, the goal is to infuse the text with the warmth and personality that only a human touch can provide.

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